WCH Je Taime of Beyrouth MCO d 22 IC JW 04 Beyrouth Cat   Cabaret       MCO d 22 EC James Bond Klapouch MCO n 22 EC Mefisto Jompi, MCO n 23
Catlin Klapouch, MCO w
IC Maxi Alwaro MCO f 22 WW EC Sebasco Daker Devito, MCO d 22
IC Squabby Calamity Jane, MCO f 23
GIC Olivia of Midnight Colony MCO e 22 IC Langstteichs C.Cashmir MCO e 09 22 CH Langstteich Calvin, MCO n 09 22
Pillowtalk Cosima of Langstteich, MCO g 23
Dominika of Midnight MCO d 09 22 EC Carter O'Conor Alwaro, MCO d 22
IC Donna Diana di Sidonia, MCO f 09
 CH. Honda Don Coon MCO ns 22 Gic. Big Giants Wellington    MCO ns 22 Ec. Top Gun of Summerplace MCO a CH Witchcats Sergeant Pepper, MCO a
CH Tailchaser Mrs. Doubtfire, MCO fs
Bossanova of Baydar MCO n 03 22 EC Willowplace Shakari of Superstars, MCO n 09 22
Rhapsody in Blue of Baydar, MCO g 09 22
Pillowtalks  Jowanka       MCO f 22 Pillowtalks Welcome MCO n 22 CoolMotion Chipsy, MCO n 09
Langstteich Ca'Philadelphia of Pillowtalk, MCO n 09 22
Pillowtalks Octavia MCO f 09 22 Eldon Antonio, MCO e 09 22
TipsNTails Quickstep, MCO n 22